Tax Debt Resolution, Debt Help:

Tax penalties arise when taxes are paid late or not at all, and the penalties that ensure can easily double your tax liability. Fortunately there are methods that can be taken in order to remedy these penalties and get your finances back on track.

Penalty Abatement

Many people may not be informed that the IRS has a number of circumstances they called “Reasonable Cause Criteria for Penalty Abatement.” that may make you eligible for penalty relief in certain situations.

With the details of your particular case, we will be able to construct a unique plan to help tackle the issues you are facing with the IRS.  All of our work is formulated and planned out very carefully for your company or personal individual needs. We know there is not one solution that could possibly cover everyone, and specialize in tailor-made solutions that will target your specific issues, whatever they may be.  If you feel like your case could benefit from specialized and custom-made tax debt relief, GLO CPAs can help.  An important part of tax debt relief is the abatement of IRS Penalties.

With many years of experience and a clear understanding of the IRS and its difficult penalty assessments, we can successfully work inside the IRS’s guidelines to deliver excellent tax debt help and services. Tax compliance isn’t always possible, regardless of our efforts to adhere to the nation’s tax codes and tax responsibilities and in certain case the IRS will consider abatement of the penalties. To someone inexperienced with how the IRS works, the criteria for abatement may not be clear and could come across as difficult and confusing. This is where GLO CPAs comes in. With experience and knowledge in the area and a dedication to customized strategies and plans, we’ll work hard to get you the best results.

How can GLO CPAs Help:

When dealing with the IRS, you r chances are limited and maximizing the potential for your request may be a tricky task if you’re unaware of what the IRS is looking for. It is extremely important that you utilize a trusted professional service firm that is knowledgeable in this area.

The first step to getting help with tax penalties is by determining whether or not your case may qualify for abatement from the IRS. Here are some circumstances in which abatement is eligible.

  • Reasonable Cause
  • Statutory Exceptions
  • Administrative Waivers
  • Correction of Service Error
  • Hazards of Litigation

We can help you identify where you may fit and advise you on how to take a step forward in achieving tax penalty abatement once you have determined that you are eligible. From there forward we’ll be able to help you every step of the way, until your tax debt and penalties have been resolved.

Levy Appeals

When the IRS could seize important assets without a court order or permission slip, it is always important to take the precautionary measures required to keep you assets save and sound. The IRS has the ability to seize anything from your Personal Residence to your Retirement accounts, assets we work our entire lives to solidify and keep safe.

The moment you receive a delinquent tax notice from the IRS or State, it is absolutely vital that you take action quickly and decisively. The IRS will be on the lookout for assets they can use to enforce you to pay the taxes that you owe, and nothing will be safe. The best course of action is to enlist in the help of a firm dedicated to helping people just like you overcome their tax debts and the issues surrounding them. GLO CPAs is experienced in this area and can help advise you as to what steps need to be taken to secure your assets and get yourself back on track. We can provide you with an active approach to resolving your tax debt and avoid any tax levies or wage garnishments the IRS may instill.

If you’ve already experienced a Levy or garnishment, it is not too late. Contact GLO CPAs today and we can help.

GLO CPAS knows how the IRS works and is equally experienced in negotiating levy and wage garnishment releases. On your behalf, we can contact the IRS and do everything in our power to get your levy or wage garnishment released.

IRS levies and garnishments can be crippling to a business, especially one that may already be struggling financially. GLO CPAs is a reliable source of tax guidance and aid that can help you turn your finances around. If you’ve been hit with difficult circumstances, let us help you make it right. Our experienced tax advisors will be able to formulate a plan that is perfect for you and will be your voice to the IRS. We’ll be with you every step of the way and commit ourselves to making sure you stay informed. Armed with information and experience, you’ll be safe in our hands and achieve the relief you need.

Installment Plans:

There are a great variety of installment agreements available for delinquent taxpayers and the number may be daunting for someone that does not understand what they need. If you enlist in GLO CPAs help in selecting the installment plan that is right for you, you can get on the road to tax debt recover and relief. The specifications of each installment plan make it a bit unclear as to which a taxpayer may qualify for, which is why it is best to seek the help of a tax advisor that can help put you where you need to be.