Houston is one of the world’s medical meccas. With so many healthcare provider’s in one area, we understand that it’s important you structure your business and organize your finances in a way that helps you beat the competition and come out on top! We’ve got experience, knowledge and practice in healthcare accounting, and can help you organize yourself and your healthcare company for maximum success.

With the debut of Obama Care, tax laws are getting even more complex and at GLO we are constantly brushing up on knowledge of the healthcare industry to educate ourselves on the many tax reforms that ObamaCare brings. The heath care industry can be a difficult place for those who do not know their way around it. With so many changing laws and polices, we make sure that our knowledge is always on top of the changing times.

Let our talented accountants and financial planners deliver innovative and personalized financial planning and services to help you navigate the world of healthcare financial planning. None of our solutions are cookie cutter, everything is worked out for your specific situation. With over 36 years of experience in the industry

Let us use our knowledge to not only educate but to guide you through these changing times!

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